Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie



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    • Hi Zen. Thanks for contact. I was back home in Ireland in June this year at the Summer Solstice Festival in my locality. One of the events was a night-time drumming workshop at the Grange Stone Circle, the largest in Ireland, right where we live. I took that pic plus a few others around midnight of the 21st June – the solstice night. Was great fun, but have no idea how there is bright light behind the figures (some people who were watching the event who were standing on the embankment of the circle). Maybe the power of the stones! Or the high ISO I had set my camera at.
      Anyway – here’s a few other pics of the night to give you a flavor. Thanks again for contact. The pic is almost exactly as I shot it. Made small colour enhancement I think for the ‘eerie’ post, but nothing else.



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