Trip Home: Photo of the day (3) – Family Day

Lough Gur Festival – Family day by the lake. 23 June 2013.

Trip Home: Photo of the day (2) – Moonlight

Lough Gur, Limerick, Ireland, under the moonlight of the Super Moon – 3am this morning 24 June 2013

Trip Home: Photo of the day (1)

The ‘Long Walk For The Longest Day’ – over 5 hills around Lough Gur lake, Limerick, Ireland, on 21st June 2013. Memorable!

Heading Home

Caroline Kennedy visit to HX Fifty years after President John Fitzgerald Kennedy visited Limerick, his daughter Caroline Kennedy will return to the Mid-West to trace her father’s links and visit her ancestral family home in Bruff, Co. Limerick.

The Buffalo Soldier

Sorry lads! Mentioned this pic in yesterday’s post but for got to include it. But makes no nevermind – deserves separate post anyway! And you get extra music clip into the bargain: A young Bob Marley

The Recipe

Greetings lads It’s only a few short days away from MB’s departure back to the homeland, to kith and kin. MB will take break from the blogging for few weeks ’till he gets back from the Emerald Isle. But as will be burning out the camera with pics, will post up some good ones for all Crosser followers to drool over. Yes lads, drooling will…

The Holy Book

Marhaba & Hello from MB Firstly lads, an apology from MB. In last week’s blog MB used an Arabic word that he though was acceptable translation of the English word ‘prostitute’. It was subsequently pointed out to MB that the word used is a street-slang swear word, not suitable for common usage (as in MBs blog) and likely to cause offense. The Egyptian lad…

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says (My top 10!)

Ten Of the best! Restaurant, Northern Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Buddist prayer flags, Kathmandu, Nepal. Each colour represents a different element – fire, water, earth….. Gurka memorabilia shop, Kathmandu If you get to Kathmandu, try the mo mos, the national dish. Yum! You will never go wrong with chocolate! Ireland – lots & lots of history The home village in Ireland – lots & lots of…


Salam from Riyadh It’s a balmy Saudi evening outside the hotel entrance door as MB writes his blog. Meanwhile, inside the lobby, MB is listening to the loudest painters making the loudest noises since Michael Angelo (another legendary Michael) dropped his bucket from the ceiling scaffold onto the marble floor miles below all those years ago. The artists in front of me are presently…

Weekly Photo Challenge: In the background

Pigeon & friends. At a temple in Kathmandu, Nepal. October 2012.

The Future

Greetings lads Hope all well with you & yours. A depressing week in many ways. Was talking to a Syrian friend in recent days and he made the point to MB that many people and groups in this region are becoming more & more extreme, wrapping a cocoon around themselves and their group, and totally intolerant of other groups and other beliefs. In years past people…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

From the Dubai World Cup horse racing night at Meydan Stadium, Dubai, end March 2013.


Salam lads May you all have some salam/peace in your lives. Its a good thing to have for sure. Mentioned last week that we had some heavy rains out these parts in recent weeks. MB also mention the tornado that  he recently got caught up in (& survived) and the earthquake that shook the UAE that had its epicenter in Iran. We certainly don’t…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Amman, Jordan. August 2011. Shot from the Amman’s hilltop Citadel & the Temple of Hercules.