Weekly Photo Challenge – Yellow

This week’s Photo Challenge – Yellow.

A well known (& frequented!) pub in the small town of Dingle in Ireland’s South West. In the county of Kerry, aka ‘The Kingdom’. Famous in the locality for the quality of Guinness served within. MB is not sure of the meaning of the word ‘Bawn’ in the context of the pub name (Paddy Bawn Brosnan was a famous Gaelic Football player in years past from the Dingle locality). It might be an old Irish/Gaelic word meaning a stone walled enclosure for animals. Or meaning a piece of grazing land near a dwelling house. Or it might be the phonetic spelling of the Irish/Gaelic word ‘Bán’ meaning the colour ‘white’. Meaning Paddy might have had grey hair. MB must ask the question next time he is in Dingle. In any event, its got quite a bit of yellow!


15 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Yellow

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  2. Love you image … lived on Ireland for 11 years … and this is Ireland in a nutshell … mad colors on doors and window frames.


      • Yes, I loved my years … and I have always said that Ireland is the place you want to return to before you even have left. My last year I lived in Belfast – fantastic city.


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  4. Mike bawn means ban, white, as in white haired (blond) boy, to distinguish him from the other Paddy Brosnans of course. It’s not even the only example of ban I’ve come across. Like Paddy Ryan Farmer, Paddy Ryan Carman in our locality. I had a great uncle Sonny (Michael) Fitzgerald, an grand Auntie Dolly Ryan, a grand Auntie Baby Margaret Fitzgerald, because of their overly common family names. These were used in the phone book and on letters too. No longer necessary because of our individualistic names now. Raven, Echo, Ocean in Jeanne’s school are examples.


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