Eid Mubarak

The fasting and thirsting and lack of sex during daylight hours is finished! Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

The Wedding Photos.

 Spotted this group late June back home on Ballybunion beach in South West Ireland. A bit cliched  for this week’s challenge I’ll grant you!

Sum Love


I Read The News Today. Oh Boy.

MB read the news today. Same as he does every other day. Makes for sad & disturbing reading out these parts.  Read More

Splendour Splendour Everywhere

MB loves golf. Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

This week it’s Containers!

The Watercube (swimming arena) for the Beijing Olympics was designed by PTW architects (& Arup Engineers) from Australia who won the design competition by popular vote. The square cubic shape represents the Chinese symbol for earth, while the circular shape of the Bird’s Nest Stadium in the background represents Heaven. The design on the outer skin of the Watercube was inspired by the random shape of soap bubbles. 

MB took this shot approx 4 years back on a visit to Beijing, from the high floor level bar of a nearby hotel. Quality of the pic not great due to the bar window reflections.



One of the most interesting countries in the ME region is Jordan. Read More


Had lots of hits on the ‘Relic/Yemen’ post of yesterday. New follower AKM commented to MB that he is Yemeni but is many years since he has visited his home country. Asked MB if he could post some more pics from Yemen.  Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

This weeks challenge is looking for relics.

Saw this ‘about to be poured concrete slab’ support structure whilst traveling in Yemen 3 or 4 years back. This construction method disappeared tens of years ago in more more technically advanced countries where adjustable steel props/poles are now used exclusively for the purpose.



Qatar is a small wealthy nation located in the Arabian Gulf/Middle East. Read More


MB travelled to the coastal town of Dingle in South West Ireland last week to collect daughter MB2 from Irish language Summer Camp. Read More

My Hometown

In Dublin airport. Heading back to Middle East. Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast


Weekly Photo Challenge – Between


Summer Solstice Morning

21 June 2014. Sunrise. Circa 5am. Grange Stone Circle. Limerick. South West Ireland.

The Gods gifted a clear sky and the the sun rose. A heavenly experience.

See also previous post.

A picture paints a thousand words. So MB gives you thirty six thousand words. So to speak.
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Summer Solstice @ HX

MB is returning to the Irish homeland for a short break. Landing in Dublin tomorrow midday and then heading south-west to Limerick & HX. The following day, 21 June, is the day of the Summer solstice and MB will be up before dawn to take in the rising sun at the local Grange Stone Circle. Read More

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