Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette



This week’s challenge – Silhouette

Politically Incorrect Soap

Yes. That’s what MB said. Politically. Incorrect. Soap. Read More

I’m A Believer

Yes indeedee. MB is a believer. Read More

The Old Triangle

A man made a mistake and paid a price. Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

This week’s photo challenge – Texture
The setting sun glistens like a million diamonds on the water at Dubai Creek.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

Stopped on the Tralee/Dingle road for a few moments late June, to capture the patchwork of farmers fields sweeping down to the Atlantic Ocean shoreline, formed by the zigzag lines of boundary trees & bushes.


Waldorf Salad

Today, MB had a Waldorf Salad. At the Waldorf Astoria. Not at Fawlty Towers. Read More


Stop the madness. Read More

The Reek

Have you ever climbed The Reek?
Read More

The Magician’s Secrets

Do you want to know the magician’s secrets? Read More

Eid Mubarak

The fasting and thirsting and lack of sex during daylight hours is finished! Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

The Wedding Photos.

 Spotted this group late June back home on Ballybunion beach in South West Ireland. A bit cliched  for this week’s challenge I’ll grant you!

Sum Love


I Read The News Today. Oh Boy.

MB read the news today. Same as he does every other day. Makes for sad & disturbing reading out these parts.  Read More

Splendour Splendour Everywhere

MB loves golf. Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

This week it’s Containers!

The Watercube (swimming arena) for the Beijing Olympics was designed by PTW architects (& Arup Engineers) from Australia who won the design competition by popular vote. The square cubic shape represents the Chinese symbol for earth, while the circular shape of the Bird’s Nest Stadium in the background represents Heaven. The design on the outer skin of the Watercube was inspired by the random shape of soap bubbles. 

MB took this shot approx 4 years back on a visit to Beijing, from the high floor level bar of a nearby hotel. Quality of the pic not great due to the bar window reflections.



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