It’s All Positives

What a week that was. And we’re only half way there! Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

Dubai Marina


Adele v MB (Rolling In The Deep)

There’s a fire starting in my heart. So says Adele. Reaching a fever pitch, it’s bringing me out the dark. Read More

Cool Sudan!

Final Sudan shots! Read More

Sudan – Reality

Sudan is not about flash weddings. Or flash anything. It’s mostly the opposite.

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Foreign Games

In 1167, the King of the Irish Province of Leinster (Diarmait Mac Murchada) was deprived of his kingdom by the High King of Ireland (Ruari O’ Connor). The reason for his dismissal was his abduction of the wife of The King Of Breifne (Tiernan O’ Rourke) in 1152. In an attempt to retrieve his Crown & Kingdom, Diarmait turned to the Norman rulers of England for help.

King Henry ll, the Norman King of England, landed with a large fleet at the Viking city of Waterford in 1171, becoming the first King of England to set foot on Irish soil. The Norman Knights (Norman, Welsh & Flemish) had arrived in the two preceding years with Henry’s permission to reestablish Diarmait as King Of Leinster. A force of 600 soldiers arrived in May 1169, and another 1,000 under the The Earl of Pembrook (better known as ‘Strongbow’) arrived in August 1170.

Thus started the political, military & economic relationship between Ireland & England. Things would never be the same again. Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

Local sheep endure traffic, harsh weather and limited vegetation at the Vee mountain pass, Knockmaeldown Mountains, Ireland. But last week was all blue skies and sunshine. Read More

Sudan – Wedding (more!)

First & foremost, let’s start with the band.

MB shot this short very blurry arty video to give you all a flavour of the music and crack at the wedding in Khartoum – where the Blue & White Nile rivers converge (zero relevance to the wedding or the music ladies – just geographical knowledge). Listen also for the high pitched shrieks from some the ladies present at approx 50 seconds – called ‘ullulation’. They are doing so to honour the bride or groom:

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Sudan – Wedding

And so to the wedding…..
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Weekly Photo Challenge – Humanity

From recent Sudan trip.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

From MB’s Sudani trip of two weeks back. On the outskirts of Khartoum:
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Sudan – Sufis

MB is not a Sufi. Read More

Limerick – Royal De Luxe Street Theatre Company

Arrived home just in time to catch the French street theatre company called Royal De Luxe perform in Limerick city today. Today’s event is part of a year long programme following Limerick’s designation Irish City Of Culture 2014. Read More

Sudan – A place called Soba

MB was chased by a bunch of young Sudanis through a poor Khartoum neighbourhood shouting ‘Khawajha, Khawajha’.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

The Challenge this week – to link two photos that ‘speak’ to each other. Tricky! 

Anyway here goes. From MB’s Sudan trip last week –
Two Western ladies, wearing fashionable designer labels, meet a dreadlock-haired Sufi Muslim man in Khartoum. Moments later the Sufi man is dancing with fellow Sufis, all wearing cloths that date back a thousand years, and some!

IMG_5490 IMG_5600


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