Bringing Order To Chaos

We are the Borg. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.
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Museum Of Islamic Art (Outside) – Doha, Qatar

The museum is built on a 65 acre island just off the Doha corniche. It is surrounded on the landward side by an extensive park that is used by Doha locals in the evenings for picnics and gatherings and other outdoor activities.  Read More

Museum Of Islamic Art (Inside) – Doha, Qatar

MB is presently in Doha. Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

From the Dubai Mall (again!). View from Souk Al Bahar.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reverse Shot

MB has no clue what this week’s photo challenge is about as the explanation is totally lost on him. But here goes MB’s Reverse Shot (of sorts!). The ice rink @ Dubal Mall.


There’s Your Trouble

There is link to MB’s post of earlier today. But go find it yourself! Read More

Who is Malala?

09 October 2012. Swat Valley, Pakistan. Mid afternoon.

A member of the Pakistani Taliban boards a bus and shouts ‘Who is Malala?‘ On identifying the 12 year old girl, he fires three shots from a hand gun. One of the bullets enters her forehead, travels the length of her head, and lodges in her shoulder. Fate, providence, luck, or God, if you believe in a God, decides she will live. If God has intervened, then it isn’t the God of the Taliban. Someone else’s God. Maybe Malala’s God. Or your God. Or mine. Read More

International Day Of The Girl Child

At Soba, Khartoum. September 2014.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Dreamy

This week’s photo challenge asks bloggers to post a photo to suit the theme – Dreamy. MB was recently in his Irish homeland. One of the dreamiest places on the planet.

Herewith – 10 of the best from MB’s Irish trip. From counties Limerick & Waterford. Double click for larger view: Read More

Irish Cattle – They ‘moo’ with a brogue!

From MB’s trip back home in early September. Shots are mainly from MB’s Dad’s farm. Read More

World Post Day


World Habitat Day

Two pics from recent trip home. Lough Gur. South West Ireland. Read More

But At The End Of The Day (Eid Al Adha)

I’d rather be a Muslim than a goat

Yes I would

If I only could

I surely would

(From the song ‘El Condor Pasa‘ by Simon & Garfunkel – – if you want to take a listen)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

From recent trip home. Near the village of Cappoquin, County Waterford, South East Ireland.



Eid Al Adha – More Photos

More pics for you all from Day 2 at Sharjah Market. Read More


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