Lough Gur – A Reflection

MB was looking through his photo albums of the last twelve months. Lots of dodgy shots for sure, and one or two decent ones.  Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge – Twinkle


A few years back MB visited the incredible Petra in Jordan. Read More


MB is not a lesbian. Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge – Gone, But Not Forgotten

This week it’s Gone, But Not Forgotten.

Limerick city was designated the Irish City of Culture in 2014. In September the city hosted the Royal De Luxe Street Theatre Company from France and their impressive giant Granny. The Granny walks using a series of mechanical gears which are driven by ropes at either side which are pulled by the male assistants who jump from on high, holding the rope which then causes the gears to move and the granny to walk. So the assistants are working non-stop exhaustively for hours on end as the Granny makes her way around the various selected city sites. Will long live in the memory of those who saw.

IMG_7040 IMG_7036 IMG_7042 IMG_7044 IMG_7049

Istanbul – The Bosphorus

The Bosphorus is a narrow seawater strait linking the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara. It is approximately 3km wide, 31km long and divides the city of Istanbul into it’s European and Asian sides. It hosts a huge amount of shipping of various sorts on daily basis, from tourist boats to cruise liners to fishing boats to ships transporting goods to Istanbul and beyond.

Much of Istanbul life revolves around the Bosphorus in one guise or another. The numerous palaces, mosques and other places of historical interest are as a result of Istanbul’s geographical location on the straits and it’s significant related political & religious history. Day & night is witness to a plethora of trade, tourist and recreation activities.

Istanbul is a fishy city! So many fish. So many fish shops and fish stalls in the markets. Numerous city fishermen spend endless hours with their fishing rods on Galata Bridge and other locations. Punters at the bridge restaurants watch in fascination as fish get caught and hauled in from time to time. Street sellers sell fresh fish sandwiches to passers by. Fish, fish & more fish. Day & night. Fish.

Day Time


080 IMG_9609 IMG_9626 IMG_9637 IMG_9641 IMG_9647 IMG_9656 IMG_9660 IMG_9710 IMG_9726 IMG_9728 IMG_9736 IMG_9742 IMG_9749 IMG_9761 IMG_9765 IMG_9767 IMG_9773 IMG_9796 IMG_9802

Night Time

IMG_9319 IMG_9324 IMG_9330 IMG_9332 IMG_9336 IMG_9337 IMG_9345 IMG_9350 IMG_9357 IMG_9371 IMG_9671 IMG_9672 IMG_9673 IMG_9676 IMG_9678 IMG_9683 IMG_9686

The Dental Tourist 3

Thank God that’s over! Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge – Converge

Lough Gur lake, Limerick, South West Ireland. September 2014.


Istanbul – Black & White & Red

IMG_0067 IMG_9951 IMG_0025 IMG_0034 IMG_0041 IMG_0061 IMG_9405 IMG_9412 IMG_9529 IMG_9593 IMG_9622 IMG_9623 IMG_9702 IMG_9724 IMG_9776 IMG_9783 IMG_9809 IMG_9858 IMG_9896 IMG_9991

The Dental Tourist 2

It ain’t easy! Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge – Angular

Lots of angles to this week’s challenge. But here is MB’s effort:


Weekly Photo Challenge – Achievement

A serious achievement! Taken earlier this week. MB dares any & all to try this sleeping position!


The Dental Tourist

Today MB got anaesthetic at the dental clinic. Tonight MB’s nose is still frozen. Yes. His nose.

Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge – Minimalist

MB’s effort this week is minimal -


Weekly Photo Challenge – Descent

A predictable and slightly boring take on this weeks Descent photo challenge. Apologies!

From MB’s trip home in June 2014. 3 Kids descend the lower slopes of Knock Fennel at Lough Gur, County Limerick. MB’s home town!

But to make up for the boring take: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDzAK8CCvTg


The Unifying Force

The FIFA Ballon d’Or (World Footballer Of The Year) nominations for 2014 were recently announced. The kids MB met last week dream of making that list some day.  Read More


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