62/38. Yes!

A lot in the international press about the Irish referendum of late. The 62/38 Yes vote was announced only minutes ago.  Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge – Broken

Morning has broken. December 2012.

“Find beauty in something broken” said Cheri in this week’s photo challenge.

The first days of any trips back to Ireland are always a special treat. The somewhat boring sandy scenery of the Middle East gives way to the ever-changing weather and incredible scenery (even in winter) of Ireland’s south west. Morning Nr. 1 for MB often involves a pre-dawn rise from sleep and a walk along ‘our’ road with camera in hand. 21 December 2012 was one such morning and had great red skies. Was photo heaven. MB took this one, and many similar, 200m from his front door on that particular morning. No enhancement. Exactly as shot.


Nepal – In better days

Nepalese authorities have stated in the last week that many of their ancient monuments and temples may have to be demolished due to the extent of the recent damage suffered.  Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge – Enveloped


14 Year old daughter of MB (aka MB2) was in Madrid a few weeks back and captured a great shot which is appropriate for this week’s photo challenge. The image of the inside of Real Madrid football club’s home ground – the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium – was taken by MB2 using the panorama setting on her camera phone. Proud dad!

Real Madrid

Weekly Photo Challenge – Forces of Nature

Forces Of Nature

Waves begin to form on a beach in Goa. April 2015.

IMG_2104 (1)

Goa – Why to Goa!

The ‘photo analysis’ post of a week or so back attracted some negative comment.  Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge – Intricate


Church of the Holy Saviour at Chora, Istanbul. Visitors view the famous intricate ceilings frescos.


Nepal – Help

Nepal needs help.  Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge – Motion


Dubai belly dancer


Goa – In a single shot

A picture paints a thousand words. Sometimes. Take a look at this one –  Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge – Early Bird

Early Bird

Sun worshipers await the Summer solstice sunrise at Grange Stone Circle, Limerick, South West Ireland on 21 June 2014.


Goa – Basilica of Bom Jesus

The word ‘bom’ in Portuguese  means ‘good’. Like ‘bon’ in French. But enough of MB’s language lessons! Read More


Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So said Mr Newton. Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge – Afloat


A few days back. Just off a small island on the Mandovi River estuary. Goa, India.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Blur

MB doesn’t do ‘blurry‘. MB’s pics are razor sharp. You could cut your finger on an MB pic by the merest of touches. Touch at your peril!

However, MB has a number of paintings photos that he has never before released to the general donkeys public. He has kept them under wraps – until now that is – on account of fact he didn’t really want to start a collapse in the world art markets as everyone threw their Monets & Van Goghs into their rubbish bins and flocked to the auctions houses that were lucky enough to negotiate sales contracts with MB. Too many jobs depend!

Anyway. Here’s MB submission this week. It’s called – Istanbul. An impression.

Click to enlarge:



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